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What is MP3Streamer, by the way?

MP3 Streamer is the smart way to listen to music, podcasts and any other mp3 file online, without having to wait for the file download to complete.

Simply copy the address of the mp3 file you want to listen in the box above and hit "Stream" to start listening

Are you a musician? Type the address of your new song in the box above and get the code to add mp3 streamer to your site!

Grab the bookmarklet!

Just right-click this link: Stream MP3s and add it to your bookmarks, and from now on, every time you visit a page with links to mp3 files, you can transform these links in little streaming mp3 players!

For more informations about bookmarklets: what they are, how they work, visit: Wikipedia's page on bookmarklet.


No mp3 file is ever stored on's servers while listening, no links to music downloads are offered. Listen to free music!