gljakal’s To Do 0.9.2 Preview Release

This time I am giving you a peek of what’s coming in the next version of gljakal’s To Do. Here is a list of the features you will find in the new version:

  • Multiple font support will let you customize the look of the task list. The same font is also used for printing, so you can customize your prints too.
  • TXT and HTML export will enable you to share your to do list even with those unlucky ones that don’t have gljakal’s To Do installed 🙂
  • Plugin Support, which will give you the ability to bend the laws of the To Do list to your own will! The plugin system, while working, is still missing a lot of functionalities in this beta, so no documentation is available at the moment. Drop me a line if you would like to know more.
  • A brand new Error reporting system, similar to that of Windows XP. I hope you will never see it in action!
  • Other minor addons and fixes. For a complete list, see the included readme file.
  • gljakal's To Do version 0.9.2 Preview Release

    Get it now!

    As always, this is still a beta release, so please report anything that’s not working properly or that you wish to have in the next version, either by comment to this post or by mail.

17 Responses to “gljakal’s To Do 0.9.2 Preview Release”

  1. hello

  2. When I use F4 to display the note details the window that is displayed is always bigger than the last time it was opened. I have to keep resizing it or it ends up bigger than the screen!

    I’m using windows XP and the 0.9.2 release, (it also happened in 0.9.1)


  3. I would love to have the option to hide/show completed items. My list is getting very long but I don’t want to delete the completed items. Hiding them would keep my list a bit more reasonable to manage.

  4. JMS: I’ll try to add this feature in the next beta.
    In the meantime, you can use my technique: in my to do list I just have a “Done things” item and nest all my done items inside it.

  5. After a long and painful search, your list is the closest to what I was looking for by far.
    If it had the possibility of:
    1. – differentiate between folders and tasks (but just for point 2 below)
    2. Ability to sort by task priority (this is where you forget the folders and just display the tasks. An option could be that you could either display all the tasks in one list, or display each task priority level in a separate folder)
    3. Keep the levels of priority levels – excellent
    4. Keep the really simple UI – that’s the best part.
    5. Smart use of XML

    Your software is smooth.
    If I keep finding ideas to improve it I’ll let you know if this is of interest.

  6. HI GLJakal,

    One more thing that sprung to mind – if you can reduce the program to the task lists to have it handily available it would be great.

    Maybe I’m asking too much but this would be really welcome.

  7. Guillaume: Thanks for the feedback!
    You can minimize the program to the task list simply by clicking the “todo” icon on the system tray or by pressing [win]+[F5] on your keyboard 🙂

  8. I have another suggestion:
    When you set tasks and then subtasks, you can set up tasks at some priority level but have subtasks at a higher level.
    Do you think it is feasible/easy to implement, to have the highest priority level reflected automatically from the subtask to all tasks above it (in a task tree).

    task 1 (low)
    task 1a (low)
    task 1b (low)
    task 1ba (low)
    task 1bb (high)
    task 2 (low)

    becomes automatically
    task 1 (high)
    task 1a (low)
    task 1b (high)
    task 1ba (low)
    task 1bb (high)
    task 2 (low)

    (for one way or another)

    It would make finding the priority tasks much easier to follow.

  9. Guillame: Right now I am working on the next stable version, which will feature a better plugin support (and documentation!): this way the feature you are suggesting can be developed as a separate plugin.

  10. A normal way to minimalize app to tray, please!
    By normal i mean minimizing by clicking on “minimize” or “close” button. It could be an option. And a right click manu on tray icon so user could easly close app 🙂

  11. Do you plan to implement some sort of language support?
    I’d like to be able to translate the UI to my native language (german), as I’m sure others would like to to it, too.

    The UI is not difficult to understand but I think a localized UI could greatly widen your audience.

  12. Just forgot:

    Where does it store it’s settings?
    It would be nice to have an option like “Store settings in application directory”, so I could take it with me on my USB-stick…

  13. Jan: International support and a portable version are on my todo list. They are in fact two of the features I really want to get done for the 1.0 release (the other one being a solid plugin support)

  14. Excellent…

    Nice to know! Now you have me looking forward to 1.0…

  15. Link to 0.9.2 beta appears to be busted ??

  16. Link to 0.9.2 beta seems to be broken ??

  17. Jim: fixed now 🙂