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Clock3D screensaver progress

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Progress on Clock3D screensaver is slow, but ongoing!
Here you can see the new “Fashion watch” skin:
Clock 3d screensaver
More pictures to come!

Clock reaches version 2.3

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Finally, after way too much time, Clock has reached the stable version 2.3!

Clock 2.3 - 10 of the 50 included skins
New features over the beta version:

  • clock's style manager
    Improved style manager: now you can create and save your custom skins, preview all the skins, customize all the details, hide the second hand.
  • Quick calendar: a small calendar window, useful when you are planning a trip, or a visit to the doctor! The calendar window can be resized to display multiple months.
  • Even more skins because they are never enough 🙂
  • Improved stability: no more need for the library files setup, everything just works at the first install!

Of course, all the cool features that were in the beta versions also made it to the new stable:

Get it now!

gljakal’s MP3Streamer

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

gljakal's MP3Streamer screenshot
Have you ever visited the website of an independent musician? Often you will find that they are kind enough to let you download some of their tracks in mp3 format. But then you have to download the mp3 somewhere on your computer, wait for the transfer to complete and (if you still remember where you actually saved it!) open the mp3 file with your audio player of choice. Isn’t there a quicker way to listen to a song or a podcast? Sure there is!
Gljakal’s MP3Streamer does just that, in the simplest way possible: just copy the address of the song you want to listen in the “mp3 file address” field and hit “Stream” to start listening: no downloads, no waiting, it’s all set!
If you are a musician or a podcaster, you can also use the HTML code provided to embed the mp3 player directly into your site!
Also, if you are really really lazy like me, you can get a bookmarklet that will convert all the links to mp3 files in the page you are currently visiting in mp3 players :).
Have fun!