gljakal’s ToDo version 0.9.3

Today I am releasing the new, improved version of gljakal’s ToDo:

ToDo version 0.9.3

New version highlights:

  • Stable, documented plugin support:
    Now adapting ToDo to your needs is easier than ever. Plugin support is great for custom exports and imports, intranet integration, even synchronization with online services!
  • New, nicer user interface, with famfamfam‘s famous icons.
  • AdvancedStatus plugin
    Now you can set a task as 50% (or any %) complete!
  • Copy & paste inside the details window
    You could already do this with CTRL-C and CTRL-V, but now there are also cut-copy-paste buttons inside the details window
  • Help file
    Now you can press F1 inside todo and actually see something 🙂
  • All the new features in the preview release

Comments & critics are welcome!

6 Responses to “gljakal’s ToDo version 0.9.3”


  2. Great news. I waited for this update for quite a time. But some things are still missing:
    – icon showing that the item on the list has details.
    – option to change clicking on close button to minimize

  3. Nice update with the plugins.

    It would be nice if the following functions could be added:
    1. plugin that sets all the parents in a tree to the same level of priority as the highest in that tree

    level 1 (Low)
    Level 2a (low)
    Level 2b (low)
    Level 3a (low)
    Level 3b (high)

    autonatically updates to:
    level 1 (high)
    Level 2a (low)
    Level 2b (high)
    Level 3a (low)
    Level 3b (high)

    2. Duplicate a task with options:
    A. Remains at same level
    B. Gets added anywhere
    C. All subtask are duplicated too

    3. INS button inserts a task at the current location

    4. DEL button deletes the selected task

    5. % completed task is nice. It could be nice if it reflected in the upper tasks.

    6. Quicker way to set up the priority (eg: dropdown arrow on the left or right of the task title, or buttons at the top)

    Overall, still very useful. Keep at it!

  4. i cant keep it working on any of three platforms.

    it would be nice to be able to instal this software on a cd-r disc so that no matter what i can use this softtool anywhere there is a computer!

    having adult adhd is frustrating
    finally having software that compensates for having adhd priceless.
    the freeware not working also priceless

  5. well i got working on all three platforms but keep getting the problem. it stops intializing.
    so when i reinstall as a dummy program in a desktop folder the older versions turn back on .i mean the same version installed in different folders. this somhow turns everything back on .for awhile then it wont open again.
    for me its worth the trouble. cause if i want a simple little list prioritized and with check list its simple .

    ill be using it as long as its around
    didnt mean to say it sucked – cause its handy
    perhaps my issues are are on my end but even so theres a way to still use it.

    i hope to see copy and paste someday

    im happy again 8)

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