New software – gljakal’s Sql Exporter

You created a database for your application. You designed the perfect table structure, added some smart views and created the coolest stored procedures that make your application work like magic.

But now, you want to back them up together with the code of your program, using subversion or CVS. Afterall, they are part of the application logic.

Better yet, you would like to automate the extraction procedure so that you only need to launch a batch file and your backup is done.

Gljakal’s Sql Exporter does just that: it extracts tables, views, stored procedures and triggers from your database and saves them as individual text files.

Used together with a source control software, you can have a precise idea of what changed between the various releases, just like you do with your applications’ source code.

gljakal's Sql Exporter

You can do that with the interface version (shown in the picture) as well as with the command line version, that you can automate to run whenever you want.

Plus, it’s a free download!

3 Responses to “New software – gljakal’s Sql Exporter”

  1. could you write a tutorial or make a youtube vid pls.

  2. It’s a great tool that I have been looking for a long time! And suddenly I found this! This is exactly what I need.
    But I have a problem. It works for the database on my local machine. But when I try to export from a database on another machine in the network, it reports “Could not connect to the database or server.” Is there a way to find out what is wrong and how to solve it?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. This is a good tool. I was surprised to find that it doesn’t export the functions. 🙁