gljakal’s ToDo 0.9.3 fix

I have updated gljakal’s ToDo to fix a nasty bug that occurred when you tried to create a new to-do list with the AdvancedStatus plugin disabled and the AutoBackup plugin enabled.
This was actually a kind of weird situation, since I always have both the plugins enabled all the time… Turns out that many ToDo users prefer to disable AdvancedStatus while leaving the backup feature enabled….
Anyway, thanks to the kind people who sent the error report! (yes, I do actually read them!)
Also, if any of you happen to send an error report, please do include your email address. This way I can contact you once the problem is resolved. (And you won’t say “this program sucks!” 🙂 )

3 Responses to “gljakal’s ToDo 0.9.3 fix”

  1. Tonight I tried to Save As, and now ToDO will not run in any mode but full screen or minimized. I run it with other programs underneath, so I need it to be smaller.
    Running the latest version

  2. I’ve just downloaded it, it’s really useful. I like having it open and hidden in tray. I suggest the buttons Minimize and Close (X) can be set up to do the same (to hide it to the tray).

    Also, it would be useful to have some sync option (comparing items before the merge) when you use it on two or more coputers.

    The greatest would be to have it running on mobile, also (I have Symbian S60 3rd series, if I can help with testing – I guess however it would be easier to port it to Windos Mobile rather than to Symbian, I’m afraid ;-).

    Great job!

  3. I had almost given up on finding a light-weight, free/open-source, simple 1-pane checklist type program and stumbled across this site.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Any pending bug fixes/upcoming releases? 😀