Irrlicht Font Maker

Irrlicht Font Maker screenshot

Irrlicht is a fast and powerful 3d engine. One of its many features is the GUI component, featuring several standard controls, such as buttons, text boxes, list boxes, and windows.

Irrlicht's GUI system is quite customizable: one of the things you can choose is the font to use on the controls.

The font must be loaded from an image file, containing all the charachters in the alphabet.

While it is theoretically possible to generate an image file containig all the charachters plus the control points defining the begin and the end of each glyph, it is a very time-consuming and error-prone operation.

IFM is a program used to automatically generate this image, using any font installed on your computer as a base.


IFM requires the Microsoft .net framework,version 2.0 in order to run. You can download it for free from Microsoft.

Irrlicht font maker


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